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DANNY / Charlton Realty - I believe this loan software program is the best small business loan program available.  It does so many things, mortgages, amortization, escrow accounts, late fees, history of accounts, late notices, 1098s, and so much more.  I would be at a great loss without it.

BOB / RobCosa - For the money the loan software is BY FAR the best on the market today.  If you are in the loan business you owe it to yourself to consider it.

ANGELA / Candice - I think the loan program is a very useful business tool.  It provides a business solution for a reasonable price.  The software suits our business needs in a simple straightforward manner.

BUDDY / Nixon Network - I have been using this software and I am very satisfied with it.  It enables me to manage my small portfolio of three hundred loans with minimal assistance.  I was previously using a DOS based system. It was no longer able to handle the needs of my business. The features I found in this loan software are well designed and easy to use.

JOHN / Georgetown Dev. - I have been using the loan software and I am completely satisfied..  I mostly have 10 year mortgage type loans. This loan software has been very useful for reporting and manage.

SHASTA / Paul Green & Associates - We have been using this program for quite a number of years.  Our business has several companies within the company. We had a hard time finding a loan program that had the flexibility to do the things needed.  It is user friendly and the tech support is very good.

MARGO / OOIDA- This loan software is USER FRIENDLY.  We are a small organization. We could not keep up with our business without this program.

PHIL MEAD - We did a lot of research before deciding on Lending Pro.   It is the best value for the dollar.

JOHN MCKINNEY - We have been using this loan software for our tax lien notes.  It is by far the best software for the cost. What was available on the marketplace was expensive and hard to use.  The features in this program will satisfy most of your expectations.  We highly recommend it.



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Lending Pro Software will make managing and servicing your loans a simple task.

Offering "point and click" ease of use in a Windows™ operating environment.

Our loan software will accurately track and service even the toughest loans.

Our prouct is powerful, robust, and yet it is very easy to use and learn...